EasyCover Agent Opportunities

  • Got a bit of spare time?
  • Need to earn some 'pin money?'
  • Know a few people?

Or do you already run a business of some kind? (Car dealership, Estate agency, shop, etc.)

Unlike many suggestions for earning a bit of extra cash, this one costs you nothing at the outset! Nothing at all.

Now for a dirty word: 'Insurance.' Got that? OK, so you've heard all the stories about insurance salespersons, and you don't see yourself in that role, but what, after all, have you got to lose?


You stand to lose absolutely nothing! EasyCover Insurance will share commissions with you on any policies you sell, and you may well be surprised by how much you can earn in the course of a year, given a bit of effort.

And it can be an ongoing situation. Control the renewals of YOUR OWN CLIENTS and you collect commissions every year, building up a steady little business. And don't forget - it can have a helpful effect on your existing business!

So contact Martin at EasyCover Insurance now - we'll be happy to talk to you about commissions, supply you with support and help with communications, information about quotations, etc. It's Easy!